Selasa, 11 Agustus 2009

Tarakanita's Prohibition Against The Discrimination of Women's Right

Held by Tarakanita's students for charity and art. and also to celebrate Tarakanita 1's 47th anniversary

we used greek culture,more specifically Aphrodite as the icon of the event

why do we decide to use this icon?

because Aphrodite refers to women's power
nowadays women issues are very popular, so we hope this event could bring affection to society
also to inspired people to respect women's right even more.

what's so different about tarphrodite?

it's not just about music, music and music
it's about EVERYTHING

you'll feel the greek sensation right when you step into the area

there's olympic area
ladies room
and offcourse the main stage where you can see artists who support our movement declaring women's right

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to see our latest updates....

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